NASHVILLE – The Country Music Association (CMA) is best known to consumers for producing the CMA Awards, annually honoring the artists, songwriters, producers, and video directors on “Country Music’s Biggest Night®.” CMA announces today that it has created a new honor, “Member of the Month,” to shine a spotlight on individual constituents and their achievements by featuring them in an article and interview on Since the trade association for the Country Music industry consists of more than 6,000 members located in 43 nations, CMA has a wide pool of candidates from which to choose.

“Each of our members contributes to the success of Country Music, and each of them has a story to tell,” said Steve Moore, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to honoring our ‘Members of the Month’ and sharing their achievements with the entire membership.”

The editorial team of CMA’s award-winning publication CMA Close Up will select one member to honor each month. CMA members can suggest their fellow members who have reached significant career milestones, performed laudable acts of giving, or distinguished themselves through achievement by sending an e-mail (with “Member of the Month” in the subject field) to The first “Member of the Month” will be honored in April.

“We look forward to celebrating those members whose positive spirit exemplifies the best of Country Music,” said Wendy Pearl, CMA Vice President of Corporate Communications and CMA Close Up Executive Editor. “I want to give special credit to CMA Close Up Editor Bob Doerschuk, who created this idea.”

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